This is my latest adventure!

Scroll down for my past misfortunes and follys

Dispatch Mission

I try something new.

Watch out for the Ground

I try to deliver a wagon full of goods.

It doesn't work out like I planned.

Keep the shiny side up!

Delivering the goods can be a problem.

Always scout ahead.

Shot me in the Back!

Low-Down, Lily-Livered Polecat

Ya can't trust anybody.

I Think I Broke a Rib

Another mishap after a long day of hunting.

How to Nap in the Tent

I take a snooze in the tent.

8 of Wands Tarot Card

I get strange help findng my loot.

Explosions in Camp

I'm pinned down in camp while
a trickster tries to kill me.

Hunting with a Trickster

A trickster follows me around
on a hunting trip.

More to Come